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Part-time transcriber sought for SRL

Superstorm Research Lab, a group of NYU researchers investigating the impacts of Hurricane Sandy on New York City, is seeking a part-time transcriber to convert audio recordings of interviews into written transcriptions. The posting is open to all NYU students—undergraduates or graduates.

The work begins immediately, and can continue through the summer into the fall. The workload will vary week to week depending on the number of interviews conducted, but will generally be between 1 and 10 hours. The pay is $12/hr, and candidates who have work study for the spring or fall will be paid through work study.

Interviews are approximately one hour long. Most are in English, but some will be in either Spanish or Russian, so fluency in these languages is a plus. We cannot provide transcription equipment (headsets and foot pedals).

Please email your CV and cover letter to In your cover letter, please address the following:

– Any previous experience you have with transcription
– Whether you are able to transcribe and translate from either Spanish or Russian
– Whether you have access to transcription equipment
– The number of hours a week you will be available to work in the spring, summer, and fall
– Whether or not you have work study in the spring or fall

Superstorm Research Lab is an award-winning group of NYU researchers. Our goal is to explore narratives about three substantive topics of contemporary concern—inequality, climate change, and urban governance—and their relationships to one another within the context of Hurricane Sandy. Our principal method is to interview stakeholders from across the city—policy actors in different state agencies, engaged business people, members of relevant NGOs and other civil society institutions, volunteer first responders, and residents of affected areas, especially in Coney Island. We are online at