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Superstorm Research Lab projects produce academic articles, policy white papers, public articles and presentations, a public data repository, and best practices guides designed with and for affected communities. This diversity of products is reflected here.

Liboiron, Max. (2015). “Disaster Data, Data Activism: Grassroots Responses to Representating of Superstorm Sandy,” Extreme Weather and Global Media. Eds. Diane Negra and Julia Leyda. Routledge.

Cohen, Daniel Aldana and Max Liboiron. (2014). “New York’s Two Sandys.” Metropolitics, From the Field.

Superstorm Research Lab. (2013). A Tale of Two Sandys. White paper.

Koslov, Liz. (2014). “Fighting for Retreat after Sandy: The Ocean Breeze Buyout Tent on Staten Island,” Metropolitics. 

Koslov, L. and Merdjanoff, A. (2013). “Materializing Crisis: Housing and mental health from Katrina to Sandy,Social Text Periscope. (open access)

Liboiron, M. and Wachsmuth, D. (2013). “The Fantasy of Disaster Response: Governance and Social Action During Hurricane Sandy,” Social Text Periscope. (open access)

Wachsmuth, D. (2013). “How Local Governments Hinder Our Response to Natural Disasters,” The Atlantic. (open access)

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