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About Us

The Superstorm Research Lab (SRL) is a mutual aid research and writing collective working to understand the changes in how New York City policy actors, NGO leaders, activists, volunteers, and residents are thinking about social, economic and environmental issues following Hurricane Sandy. We produce traditional academic articles, but we are also pushing the boundaries of what it means to do scholarly work founded on the desire to create change. We formed in December 2012. Our members continue to conduct research, collaborate with other individuals and groups, and give presentations and write papers based on our findings.

SRL has two goals:

  1. We want NYC to be a more sustainable city, even a leader in the field of climate change sustainability, by rebuilding infrastructure, programs, and fundings in ways that address social, economic, and environmental justice for all neighbourhoods and groups.
  2. We want to connect research and action, academia and wider community needs. This includes change and collaboration within our own academic community, as well as methodologies and partnerships that exemplify our values.


Our contact person is Daniel Aldana Cohen: aldanacohen [at]

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