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Photo from Sandy Storyline.

Photo from Sandy Storyline.

 This data resource is part of SRL’s larger mission of promoting mutual aid within research and knowledge communities. If you use it, we invite you to submit any data you have that may benefit other researchers, Long Term Recovery Groups, policy makers, and groups engaged in rebuilding.
Please email with data or questions.

Data Sets : This includes all systematically collected information in some type of aggregated form, from spreadsheets to data bases to Internet archives.

Public Reports: All reports meant for a public audience, including white papers, policy papers, survey findings, and more, published by NGOs, government agencies, research groups.

Volunteer Group Documents: This category includes meeting minutes, notes, transcripts, manuals, and other documents used by volunteers. Much, though not all, of the information is from Occupy Sandy.

Sermons: This resource includes transcripts of sermons and some emails and blog posts from Christian churches in the immediate aftermath of the storm. Note that the collection of only Christian content is due to the research project this data is pulled from. If other religious groups would like to share their documents related to Sandy, we would be please to host them or link to them.

Maps: All cartographic representations, and some areal images, that visual some spatial aspect of the storm. Note that most of these are linked to outside sources rather than being hosted on SRL’s server, so please alert us to any broken links.

Memorandum of Understanding for Researching in Communities following Disaster (Disaster Ethics MOU): A memorandum of understanding is a document designed to coordinate expectations and procedures between groups. After Sandy, we found that disaster researchers often parachuted into communities, took data, and left. This MOU is designed to change that relationship.




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