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Mutual Aid Professionalization Day! June 24!

Monday, June 24, 4-7pm
20 Cooper Square
5th floor conference room

As professional movers-and-shakers, we need heat shots, blazers, black shoes, CVs and bios, among other things. Yet there isn’t always a structure to make sure those needs are met. So we are throwing a mutual aid professional swap-a-thon designed to do just that.- Get your professional portrait taken (bring any props you may need)- we have professional photographers!
– Workshop your biography and CV with others with peers
– Clothing swap those dress clothes you never wear any more- bring what you don’t wear and leave with something new
– Public speaking workshop- get advice from your peers about your presentation style and ticks

This event is open to everyone in the spirit of mutual aid– come ready to help and be helped!
Invite friends, colleagues, students, collaborators, etc. This is not just for academics– professional activists, designers, etc are welcome.

Anything else we should do?
Can you bring or do something to help out?
Contact or post on the FB invite.

Supported by Superstorm Research Lab, a mutual aid research collective at NYU.