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11/11/13 | Superstorm Research Lab: One Year On |Workshops and Panel

one_year_on-hires Monday, November 11, 2013
Superstorm Research Lab: One Year On
4-5pm: Public Workshops
5:30-7pm: A Tale of Two Sandys (panel discussion)
Reception to follow
20 Cooper Square, 5th floor

More than a year after Hurricane Sandy hit New York City and the surrounding area, many effects not only linger, but in some cases, are only now emerging. One of the conundrums of disaster aid and recovery is that responses must match the different needs of diverse populations, but distributing resources according to different parameters can result in unequal results, and thus become a justice problem. While preexisting differences in geography, socioeconomic status, health and social networks will mean there are always profoundly different experiences of the same disaster, resulting in “more than one Sandy,” the goal of disaster recovery is often one of bringing everyone out of different storms, via tailored aid, into the same recovery. One Year On brings together people who have been consistently working to solve these problems.

Join Superstorm Research Lab, a mutual aid research collective, and our allies in free, open workshops designed to address past, current, and future problems related to disaster and the complexities of justice on the ground. Workshops will be followed by a panel discussion, “A Tale of Two Sandys,” discusses current research on the topic.


Establishing community cooperatives post-Sandy; with L.A. Murphy & Nathan Kleinman, Occupy Sandy NJ . Rm 485, 4th floor, 20 Cooper Square.
Best practices of grassroots disaster data collection; with Max Liboiron, Superstorm Research Lab. Conference Room A, 4th floor, 20 Cooper Square.
Renters Advocacy, post-Sandy; with Melissa McCrumb, Make the Road NY. Rm 485, 20 Cooper Square.
Mobility Choices; with Noah Budnick, Transportation Alternatives. Conference Room B, 4th floor, 20 Cooper Square.
Insurance, Risk, & Financialization Post-Sandy; with Michael Ralph, Social and Cultural Analysis, New York University. Rm 502, 5th floor, 20 Cooper Square.

More workshops may be added as time goes on; you may update your registration with the link below.

Sign up for workshops here.

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