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Workshop: Can Laws Make Communities Safer from Disasters?

Three Day Workshop on Disaster Law: “Can Laws Make Communities Safer from Disasters?”
14-16 November 2014
Venue: CSLG, JNU, New Delhi

Disaster Research Programme (JNU Transdisciplinary Research Clusters). NAPSIPAG Young Scholars and Administrators’ Forum CSLG-JNU invite young scholars and practitioners to present their work in the Workshop.

Abstracts in 200 words are invited, which should be based upon your original/experiential research. You will get a chance to participate in a South Asian legal experts forum to bring about innovative changes required in “Environmental and International Humanitarian Law concerning rescue, relief, rehabilitation and compensation for losses incurred during disasters”. Submit your 200 words abstracts by 5 pm of 20th October 2014 at

Selection purely on merit of your abstract which would be intimated to you by the 25th October. For further information contact Ms. Manika Kamthan, +91-9899337185/26704761.