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SRL @ In Visible Crisis: A Collective Visioning of Militant Research

276421_454558534599265_1156821460_nA Collective Visioning of Militant Research

February 8, 2013, New York University
Hemerdinger Hall, Silver Center, 24 Waverly Place
9:30 am – 5:30 pm
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This is a one-day participation event, bringing together teams of activists, artists and academics from Los Angeles and New York. The goal is to set a collective agenda for militant research practice in the year ahead.

Militant research is research carried out with social movements to think about social change. So it questions the nature, practice, formats and outcomes of research. We hope to merge ongoing and new projects into a collaborative, rolling project of mutual aid.

The global financial “crisis” is already five years old, perhaps permanent. In its name, all other issues must disappear. How can we visualize the crisis of the 99%, from personal debt to the climate, and recovery from disasters like Fukushima and Sandy? What still remains out of sight, whether concealed or overlooked?

Three workshops will set these questions into specific contexts. One will be co-ordinated by the group from Los Angeles and another by their counterparts in New York. The final session centers on organizing from the local to national and international levels.

The real agenda will be set by you. At this event we will all be there to learn from each other and to share ideas and insights. There is no “audience.” Please sign up to receive updates and information.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Venue: Hemerdinger Hall, Silver Center, NYU (this is a large space that will allow for break-outs if we want to do that)

9.30 AM   Coffee

10 – 10.30 AM  Introduction to Militant Research
Isidro Lopez (Observatorio Metropolitano, Madrid)

10.30 AM   12.30 PM  Militant Research: Los Angeles/Southern California
A workshop led by Natalie Bookchin (Film, Cal Arts), J. Jack Halberstam (English/American Studies, USC), Alexandra Juhasz (Filmmaker/Media Studies, Pitzer College), Kara Keeling (Cinema Studies, USC) and Lisa Parks (Film and TV, USCB).

12.30 – 1.00 PM   Lunch

1.30  3.30 PM  Militant Research: New York
A workshop led by Amin Husain (International Center for Photography/Tidal: Occupy Theory), Yates McKee (Stony Brook University/Tidal), Nitasha Dillon (International Center for Photography/ Tidal), Andrew Ross (Social and Cultural Analysis, NYU), Joan Saab (Visual and Cultural Studies/U. Rochester)

3.30  4.00 PM   Break

4.00  5.00 PM  National and International Networks
Organizing and Research Workshop led by Nicholas Mirzoeff (Media, Culture and Communication, NYU) and Marina Sitrin (Center for Global Justice, CUNY Grad Center)

5.00 PM   Reception

Sponsored by NYU Steinhardt & the Department of Media, Culture, and Communication