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Sandy Victims Protest BRC Headquarters

Friday Feb. 15 at 3:30 PM
131 W 25th St btw 6th & 7th Aves.
Transit:  #1, 2, 3 train to 23 St (at 7th Av); F, M, PATH to 23 St. (at 6th); N, R to 23 St. (at Broadway); #4, 5, 6 to 23 St. (at Park Av. So.); buses via 6th or 7th Av.; M23 cross town bus via 23rd St. <>
347 265 5003646 265 5003
The newest hardship Sandy victims in Manhattan hotels are facing is eviction into homeless shelters. The agency that the city contracted to case manage victims is BRC, the group that usually picks up chronically homeless people from the streets and puts them in shelters. They have actually offered no help to Sandy survivors — they probably don’t even know anything about low income stable housing. They have been treating people extremely rudely and threateningly.

Now they are systematically telling people they have to leave their hotel (before their previously given check out dates) and go to shelters, one by one. No one knows for sure if they are initiating this tactic, or if it is the hotels or the city. So far 3 families have been removed.

This leaves the families in yet another borough where their children have to change schools again, where they are treated like prisoners, and where the environment is often unsafe. Others are planning to resist removal. A campaign to notify politicians and the press is underway, although that is probably useless given their previous unresponsivenes.

Victims and supporters are holding a demonstration Friday at BRC headquarters at 3:30 PM

For more info call Errol a 347 2655003 or Ellen 646 2655003
(This is not a SRL event)