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SRL at Nature, Ecology and Society Colloquium March 8th

Superstorm Research Lab will be presenting some of our preliminary findings at CUNY’s Nature, Ecology and Society Colloquium.


Our presentation will be on:

The Potential for Spatial and Temporal Restructuring of Action After Sandy

One of the major dilemmas facing contemporary urban governance and environmental action in the United States is the mismatch between inherited political boundaries and emerging sociospatial urban realities. This project investigates what impact an event such as Sandy can have on such structures.

This paper is based on preliminary research with the Superstorm Research Lab collective. Based on interviews with policy actors, NGOs, first responders, and residents of affected areas, we ask how Sandy has potentially restructured patterns of governance and action based on stakeholder understandings of critical processes following Sandy such as contamination, climate change, debt, and governance.

Schedule and other details to follow.